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This is basically me and my bro in one image

This is basically me and my bro in one image

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What...Where is he?
What...Where is he?

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being romantically frustrated is 1000000 worse than being sexually frustrated because you can get yourself off but you can’t spoon with yourself and kiss your own forehead

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Working on my paper is hard on both of us.

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The nicest people always get treated like shit.

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accidentally in love / shrekmin au

shrek and armin meet over the summer. it feels like the perfect love. they both get each other completely. but as summer comes to an end, will they be able to keep their romance alive? or will it sizzle out with the summer sun?

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Eyebrows so strong they bench press 350

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people that are dorks but also sexually attractive need to either stay away from me or get very very close to me

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